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Chittur Subramanian

C.S.Subramanian, affectionately called Murali, hails from a musical family. His father, Dr.C.R.Seshadri, though a physician by profession, had devoted his life in propagating nama sankeerthana. CS is the 4th son of Sedhari & Padmavathy couple, born on 10th November 1960 at Pollachi. He did his schooling at Vedasastra Patsala High School at Thekkegramam, Chittur, Palakkad. CS had his initial training in mridangam from Palghat.Sri.Chandrasekhara Menon, at the age of 12. He was very fortunate to live in a house where Namasankeerthanam was a regular forte. This gave him very good exposure to the innumerable keerthanas & Namavalis, that instilled the Bhakthi & musical aspect to a great extent. During one of his trip to India in 1991, the humming noise of a running train formed the perfect sruthi and that in turn kindled the composer inside CS to create the first composition on Goddess Devi set to the ragamalika that included Gowri Manohari, Kalyani, Mohanam & Revathi. Ironically the lyrics had repeated request to the compassionate Goddess to bestow him with the boon of singing Her name. Then onwards, any noise that can be related to a Sruthi will ignite the passion inside CS to hum a raga which will be followed by an appropriate lyrics & the tune. The choice of Deity and the content of the song & language is purely spontaneous and seem to be interlaced very well as if it was pre-determined by the Almighty. His compositions are in languages such as Sanskrit, Tamil, Malayalam & Hindi.

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