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Group Name: Sathya Sai Pancharatna
Description: The songs were composed by Dr. Vasanthalakshmi of Sri Sathya Sai Mirpuri College of Music and set to music by noted musician Mr. Rajkumar Bharathi, great-grandson of the famous poet and freed

Composition Composer Raga Thalam Lyrics Audio
praNamAmi sAyeesa Vasanthalakshmi.Dr gambhIra NAttai Adi languages-available
sadA bhAvayAmi Vasanthalakshmi.Dr mAyAmaLavagowlai Adi languages-available
charaNa sEvanam Vasanthalakshmi.Dr Arabhi Adi languages-available
kaliyuga avathAri Vasanthalakshmi.Dr thOdi Adi languages-available
sathya sAi avathAra Vasanthalakshmi.Dr madhyamAvathi Adi languages-available