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23/04/2019 : Lalitha V :
  Kindly provide lyrics of Rama ashtapati i heard it only today & its beautiful i would like to learn so that at least by next Ramanavami should b able to sing.

10/12/2018 : Lakshmi Ramachandran :
  We had wonderful time. Those two hours were mesmerising. We are blessed to have your bhajan. Thank you all for accepting our request.

19/04/2018 : Krishnamoorthy SUBRAMANIAN :
  Your Bajans were superb. I really enjoyed. Daily I listen to ur CD on Lord Rama Bajan which u made available to us at borivili.

19/04/2018 : Shankar Hariharan :
  We thank you and your group for the excellent program of Rama Astapadhi, Divyanamam and Sita Kalyanam held on 31st March & 1st April, 2018. All members and devotees of our samaj have tremendously enjoyed the two days function and everyone appreciated the professional manner in which you all conducted the program. The Rama Astapadhi was heard by all here for the first time and the explanations and the lyrics given by you was very helpful to the members in understanding and rejoicing the rendition. The veshams and enactment of the various episodes were illuminating and apt for the situation. The time management of the whole sequence was well planned and executed. Everyone liked the humble nature of all your group members and down to earth attitude endeared you all to everyone here.

20/09/2017 : vaishak c raj :
  Your team is simply awesome.Looking forward to hear those rhythms once again this year for Meenakshi Thirukalyanam at Lankeswaram village,Chittur.

13/12/2016 : R Ramanan :
  Your program at Ragasudha was excellent. I sat through the entire bhajan and was feeling very energised. Thank you.

16/08/2015 : Ganesh Kumar :
  I attended your program today at the Venkateswara bhaktha samaj and it was wonderful. The whole bhajan was filled with Bhakthi and it was very melodious & rejuvenating. Please keep me informed of your programs in this area. Radhekrishna !

19/05/2015 : Vasanthi Ramesh :
  Had the privilege of listening to the Bhajanai by Seshadri Mamas entire family members in Bangalore recently. And now in Delhi especially the Kuthuvilakku radha kalyanam. Feeling really blessed to have got an opportunity to witness this. Thanks a lot for everything -Radhe Krishna

15/05/2015 : Gopal Krishna Iyer :
  The Kuthuvilakku radhakalyanam that you all conducted at the Kamakshi Temple, Delhi, was ecstatic. First time I have attended the religious event of this kind marvellously rendered by worthy sons of the all time great Dr Seshadri. I have forwarded the link to my sons relatives and friends Thank you Co. God bless you

05/05/2015 : Ramakrishnan Ramachandran :
  Very nice website and fantastic collection . Congrats Muralee. Warm Regards to your family. God Bless you all. Raman, Anandnagar.

30/04/2015 : C S Panchamakesan Chathapuram Sitaraman :
  For the first time in my life I witnessed Kuthuvilakku Radha Madhav Vivah Samaroh on 25/4/15 at Devi Kamakshy Mandir New Delhi. The large devotees were most probably seeing this for the first time . The recreation of celestial wedding of Radha Rani with Lord Krishna through a journey of 24 Ashtapadis spontaneous overflow of religious fervour and deep piety, was spiritual. The Jeevatma Paramatma Milan was symbolic of our intrinsic desire to get a spark of divinity into our soul. The prog that lasted for five hours was spell binding and a great blissful experience. Seshadri Swamigal the guru of this group forever lives as immortal through the divine family. My humble Pranams to all the members of the group who did not do just Bhajan but did a Yagna. Radha Krishna. Pancham, National Treasurer, SPIC MACAY, New Delhi

27/04/2015 : anantha krishnan :
  radhe krishna jaya guru datta It was a very deep bhakthi sprung at gayathri apartments Rohini when ur gropu performed on 26/04/15,delhi.we have sent the chanting total count of 175 numbers to sgs hanuman chalisa of swamiji sri gananpathi sachchidananda of mysore as apart of swamijis project of 700 crores chanting .we were glad that u accepted ou request of chanting hanuman chalis awhen hanuman bhajan was to be performed by you in the MS S pani.We were also informed that 2 of ur members are also trustee members in velacherry ashram after they were enquired seing themselves wearing the vastram of the ashram,.Glad to see that u have already performed at velacherry ashram,but could not get ur video from ur site.we all at gayatri were catapulted to a very high plane of spiritual level by immersing in the kalyanam .we wish that the same is conducted here with different varieties as u have been doing elsewhere.when ever u come to delhi kindly do perform the programme SREE GURU DATTA

  This site is beautiful. Bring forth lots of my childhood nostalgia. The photographs are awesome. Fortunate enough to belong to that generation, though young. Met Dr. Seshadri mama ion 2003-04 when he took to his home.

20/08/2014 : Lakshmi Ramanan :
  Wonderful site. Thanks for the bhajan audio files with download option. Thoroughly enjoying those.

30/05/2014 : Gopala krishnan :
  Excellent website by Murali. Dear Radhi, I am really proud of you and your family. No chitturians will ever forget your father-Dr.Seshadri mama contribution. Wonderful days. God bless you all. Gopali