Chaithanya Bhajana Mandali consists of disciple of late Bhagavatha Sri Doctor Chittur.R.Śēshādri of Chittur, Palakkad, Kerala. Though a physician by profession, Śēshādri (popularly known as Doctor Mama) took to Nama Sankeerthana at his age of 40 and spent the remaining 35 years in propagating the Bhagavan Nama. Having realised the potential of Nama Sankeerthana, he played a major role in making sure that the children attend the bhajana session. He visualised the need for Abhinaya Divyanama Bhajana by dressing up small kids in the form or Krishna, Rama and making them show abhinaya for the respective songs. This way of Nama Sankeerthana was not only a visual treat for the eyes of the audience but also prompted them to repeat the Namavalis.Chittur.R.Śēshādri’s contribution to the bhajanasampradaya is two-fold. One is the innovation he brought about and the other is his zeal to take it to the common man, irrespective of caste, creed or gender. It may be said that the former was needed to serve the latter purpose. As part of innovation, Śēshādri introduced the ‘vēsham’ or visual representation of the deities and the various episodes connected to each. It was not an easy task as it would appear apparently. It was due to strenuous efforts of Śēshādri that the apt songs were selected from various sources to dramatise an episode, through music. Whether it is the dialogue between Prahlādā and Hiranyakasipu, or between Sage Visvāmitra and Rāmā or between Yasōdā and Krishṇa, apt and very relevant songs were traced to the compositions of Oothukkādu Venkatasubba Iyer, Arunāchala Kavirāyar or contemporary exponent of ‘Bhakti’, Śrī Krishṇa Premi.

We, the sons of Seshadri - Dr.C.S.Venkitaramanan, Dr.C.S.Radhakrishnan, C.S.Subramanian & S.Viswanathan have taken up nama sankeerthanam with dedication. The current troupe includes Seshadri’s sons, daughters, in-laws, grand-children and other bhagavathas.

By the divine Grace of our Guru, we, the members of Chaithanya Bhajana Mandali, are now conducting Sampradaya Bhajans at various venues. We conduct the following types.

Following the footsteps of our Father/Guru, Dr.Chittur.R.Seshadri, we are happy to perform at any given venue. Please contact us.

* a tradition followed by Sri Jayadeva & Padmavathi, documented by Mahakavi Oothukkadu Venkatasubba Iyer.