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PLACE OF BIRTH - Chittur, Palakkad, Kerala
PERIOD - 20th century
MUDRA - Ramana
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Physician by profession, Dr.Ramanu, has been composing songs in Malayalam, Sanskrit & Tamil. His series of compositions on Lord Krishna named 'Gokulathekku oru yatra' is quite famous. He has also released a book called Chitpuri Vaibhavam containing several songs that he has composed mostly on the Pradosham day. Here is a write up of his acknowledgement. It is my humble duty to record my gratitude and appreciation to the people who have been instrumental in the publication of 'Chitpuri Vaibhavam' Firstly, I am grateful to the Lord for having given me this rare 'manushya' janma in the village of Chittur - popularised by Sri. Thunjath Ezhuthachan the translator of Ramayanam into Malayalam. Add to this - being born into the family of Sri. Ranga Iyer who was lyricist / composer in his times, and being born as the grandson of Dr. Ramaswamy Iyer, a pioneer in the medical field and Smt. Kaveri Ammal. I acknowledge the role my loving mother Smt.Padmavathy had in nourishing us with the knowledge of classical Tamil and at the same time imparting us values from the epics Ramayanam, Mahabharatam and Bhaktavijayam, ensuring unwavering faith in God. I am also forever grateful to my father and guru Dr.Seshadri, who, despite being busy with his duties as the medical healer, who made it his life's mission to propagate Nama-sankeerthanam and bhakti - firmly establishing us on the bhakti marga. My humble pranaams to Agastya Maharishi- my spiritual Guru - whose poetry 'Harigunaarnavam' inspired me to become a composer. I am also thankful to - My younger brother Dr. Radhakrishnan, a Sanskrit pundit who helped me with the scrutiny of Sanskrit lyrics - my maternal aunt, Thirumathi Thripurasundari, for editing the Tamizh songs and encouraging me to continue to compose in Tamizh - my other maternal aunt Smt. Vasundharaa Nanjundan who being an expert in music, assisted me regarding technicalities - all my brothers, sisters and other family members who have encouraged and motivated me to compose. Of course, I also acknowledge the enormous contribution of my wife Smt. Girija who encouraged me in making the music pleasing and melodious. As the first person who listened to my compositions and enshrined them in his heart - and enjoyed and appreciated it with the same enthusiasm that I had in composing them - my father figure Sri. C.R. Krishna Iyer has also blessed me by writing a foreword to this book. He has both encouraged and blessed me in progressing on the path of divine compositions. I acknowledge the support and encouragement of Sri. Neelakantan and Sri. Viwsanathan, the sons of Koolimuttam Sri. Balarama Iyer and Smt.Alamelu Ammal, who have invested substantial time and interest to ensure that this this book has reached its present form. My humble pranaams to Mata Visalakshy - who has motivated me to offer a new composition every pradosham day. My offerings to Lord Sarveshwara - for having saved my life and in gratitude inspired me to compose songs in his praise and continue the path of musical tribute. Dr Chittur S Venkitaramanan