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Mangalam Ganapathy

PLACE OF BIRTH - Kallidaikurichi, Tirunelveli
PERIOD - 1934
MUDRA - ....................
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Smt.Mangalam Ganapathy was born in 1934 in an orthodox middle class family at Kallidaikurichi, in Tirunelveli district among seven children. Her father Sri.M.S.Subramania Iyer was a teacher in Thilakar Vidyalayam High School. He was also a writer of textbooks in Science & Social Studies. Besides he translated Tolstoy's stories into Tamil which were prescribed as a non-detailed study for school children. During her childhood, she did not have any formal education in carnatic music. Tamil was her mother tongue. She learnt from her father devotional hymns and Sanskrit slokas. But she would always be listening to her elder sisters singing who were learning music from Vidwan Sri Appaiah Bhagavathar, a disciple of Sri Muthiah Bhagavathar of Harikesanallur. She got married in the year 1954 and moved to Tiruvananthapuram where she stayed for almost 45 years. She picked up a working knowledge of Malayalam during her stay there. Household chores and family responsibilities consumed most of her time. It all happened while in Madras in August 1998 when they were about to perform Ganapthy pooja and Devi pooja at their residence. Suddenly she started feeling the presence of elevated thoughts and in that sublime mood she composed a song 'Mahaganapathim Upasmahe' in Nattaikurinji on Lord Ganesha and followed it up by another song 'Amba Krupasagari' in Kalyani on Devi. She does not know how it happened but the songs were rendered with appropriate tala. She has since then composed more than 6000 songs in three and a half years and that too in five different languages like Sanskrit, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and Telugu. It is only divine grace that she is able to write in languages other than Tamil and Malayalam because she never had any chance to learn them. She has written from Varnams (both thana and padha), Keerthanas, Ragamalika, Thillana and devotional bhajans. She has sung on all Hindu deities that too exceeding 100s on each deity and their incarnations and also a few philosophical and patriotic compositions too. In fact a good musician can perform a full concert from Varnam to Mangalam from her compositions with a variety to choose from raga, tala, the genre, the deity and the language. What do we call this other than a divine musical miracle? Mrs.Mangalam Ganapathy resides at 14/8, Masthiammal layout,Tatabad, Coimbatore - 641012 and her telephone number is +91-422-2491938. While in Madras, she can be contacted on telephone numbers (+91-44)-24356949 / 23643069.