Audio CD containing live Namasankeerthanam of Viruthams, Keerthanas and Bhajans on Acharyas, composed by C.S.Subamanian.

Sample Audio

sAma gAna lOlanE bhajan nAttakkurunji
Akhanda guruvaram advyam bhajan nAttakkurunji
kAnchi mA nagar thannil keerthana malayamArutham

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C.S.Subramanian, native of Thekkegramam, Chittur, Palakkad, son of Bhagavathasri Dr.C.R.Seshadri and Smt.Padmavathy, has composed more than 600 Keerthanas, Bhajans & Viruthams in Sanskrit, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi.

Following the footsteps of his father and Guru, CS, along with his family members and other bhagavathas, has been actively involved in spreading Bhagavan Nama through their troupe Chaithanya Bhajana Mandali (

CS is also the proud owner of the unique website that is becoming a great repository of data in the field of Carnatic Music, Bhajans and Spiritual Texts.